From the recording Fragments

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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Ukulele: Chris Ronald
Drums: Pat Steward
Bass: Rob Becker
Guitar: John Ellis
Fiddle: Mike Sanyshyn
Background Vocals: Gord Maxwell


When it was handed down
I thought: How could this be
For he was such a big man
Yet it doesn't fit on me
So I put it on a neck chain
Where it hung next to my heart
Thinking until death do us part
Until death do us part

It served as a reminder
Told the story of his days
How the fingers and the factory
Almost wore the thing away
And I thought it gave me comfort
As it lay against my skin
My very own memorial to him
My own memorial to him

It touched the hand of his bride
So delicate in his palm
It probably touched my shoulder
When he held me in his arms
It was there for every story
Every song that we'd sing
So tell me if you find
Grandpa's wedding ring

Oh but I don't need a keepsake
When I can hold a pen
And write about the jeweller
Who made it whole again
And tell you all about Texas
And how I paid a cost
But I found so much more than I lost
So much more than I lost