1. Chaperone

From the recording Timeline

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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Pat Steward
Bass: Rob Becker
Dobro: John Ellis
Harmonica: Chris Ronald
Background Vocals: Melissa Bandura


The light is emerging
At the end of the tunnel
A brand new adventure
We cast off our old ways
The world is waiting
What does she have in store?

I sit in my armchair
Ear to the traffic
And countless engines
On pointless journeys
This is the city
The city that never sleeps

Come with me let’s go somewhere
Far, far away
I will be your chaperone
I will take the strain

We’ll take in the places
Through all of our senses
Across the borders
And under the fences
We’ll take some chances
But that’s what it’s all about

I’ll be your companion
The one to rely on
The one to guide you
And shoulder to cry on
Show me your weakness
I’ll only see your strength