1. Timeline

From the recording Timeline

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Mandolin: John Ellis


Years ago an old friend said to me these words I can’t forget
“The path of less resistance may not be the one to tread.”
Well it wasn’t my intention to avoid the easy road
Or spend a half-life searching for a place for me to go

Time marches on, no use in lingering in the past
I’m treating everyday as if it’s going to be my last
And I’ve made myself a timeline so that everything is clear
And I see just where I’m at and where I want to go from here

“Follow your own star my son” dear mother said one day
“As you seek out your destiny it will help you find the way.”
“But with so many to choose from how will I know which is mine?”
She said “The brightest one is the one you’re meant to find.”


Now I see the many winding roads behind me
Now I see and I can read the signs that point the way to where I might find me

So I’m listening to the wise ones and I hear them telling me
Do things that feed your soul and be the change you wish to see
So I’m stocking up on soul food and going on my way
No more leaving till tomorrow things that I can do today