1. Mountaineer

From the recording Timeline

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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Pat Steward
Bass: Rob Becker
Dobro: John Ellis
Banjo: John Ellis
Fiddle: Mike Sanyshyn
Background Vocals: Melissa Bandura


There’s something about trains so appealing to the child
A journey so fantastic, imagination running wild
And when you see a train in motion and you watch it on its way
You know that fascination never really went away

There’s something about trains, perhaps the smoothness of the ride
Or the rhythm of the rails or the folks you meet inside
It’s the thought of the adventure and the freedom that you feel
As you’re winding through the wilderness safe upon the steel

Sit back, take a load off, the rail road will steer
You haven’t seen this country if you haven’t been through here
Read a book, write a postcard, tell those you hold so dear
You haven’t missed a train until you miss The Mountaineer

There’s something about trains, with every mile there’s something new
And each and every window has a photogenic view
And just around the corner is another wondrous thing
Like the turquoise of the water or an eagle on the wing


After bridges, after tunnels of a kind you’ve never seen
After mountains, after meadows, after forests so pristine
After rivers, after glaciers, after lakes so serene
You will pull into the station like your waking from a dream