From the recording Timeline

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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Pat Steward
Bass: Rob Becker
Pedal Steel: John Ellis
Banjo: John Ellis
Harmonica: Chris Ronald
Background Vocals: Melissa Bandura


As the page turns on yet more missed opportunities
And again not much has really changed for you and me
And the future holds the same as far as you can see
Don’t you think it’s maybe time for something new?

And the sun sets once again on the less fortunate
Any help that you give is all the help they get
We’re among the richest nations in the world and yet
There are people who are struggling to survive

So let’s go back to basics
Start from the ground
With each road that we travel and sidewalk we pound
From farmhouse to penthouse
We can bring it all to bear
With the freedom to flourish and the wherewithal to care
The freedom to flourish and the wherewithal to care

So we’ll start with all the people in our neighbourhood
Till from coast to coast to coast it will be understood
We’ll embrace all walks of life that others never could
And the ones we haven’t talked to for a while