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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Ukulele: Chris Ronald
Drums: Pat Steward
Bass: Rob Becker
Acoustic Guitar: John Ellis
Clarinet: Steve Hilliam
Background Vocals: Deanna Knight


Seems like any other morning
Coffee's on with breakfast on the table
Kids come down the stairs and
Sit on their usual chairs
But all of them have lost their appetites

'Cause twenty little stars are missing
Another shadow has been cast
Twenty little stars are missing from
The flag that flies half-mast

Outside it's business as usual
Everyone on the same old journey
Kids dressed, backpacks on with
Lunch made, homework done
But none of them want to go to school


Fulfill those promises of freedom
This is no job for redeemers
Can't fly a flag that has lost its stars
Can't have a dream without dreamers