1. The Busker

From the recording Timeline

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Harmonica: Chris Ronald


He’s a master of the cover
“50 ways to leave your lover”
“Lie la-lie la-lie la-lie” and all that jazz
A living, breathing jukebox
The poster boy for hard knocks
But a memory full of songs ain’t all he has
For he’s a wizard with the pen
And he’s picked it up again
Like in the days when musicians still got paid
But he hasn’t made a dime
Since he put it all online
Giving everyone the choice to take or trade

He can’t rely on wages
Just the kind support of strangers
And a voice to sing a favourite melody
Though he hides a checkered past
Every bottle, every glass
Knows he’s had his lion’s share of misery
But he always has a smile
For every captivated child
Seems like they’re the only one who understand
That he’s not in search of pity
And a dollar for ditty’s
Fair exchange to get to see a one-man band

Oh, the busker wears his heart upon his sleeve
Some words are tasting bitter but he’s not about to leave
And he’s trying not to show the disappointment on his face
Or think about the days gold and silver lined the bottom of his case

So there’s no need to begrudge him
Or worst of all prejudge him
‘Cause he’s just another guy with bills to pay
And if you can spare a loonie
Or better still a toonie
Compensate him for his music s’il vous plait
Yes if you hear a great street singer
And you feel the urge to linger
Toss a coin, make a wish then move along
For your money will go far
If you wish upon a star
That you never live a day without a song