From the recording Timeline

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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Pat Steward
Bass: Rob Becker
Pedal Steel: John Ellis
Background Vocals: Melissa Bandura


I’m leaving first thing in the morning
Before daylight finds shadows forming
And the snow that rests upon the sidewalk
Will reveal my footsteps for a short while

And you’ll be getting ready for Christmas
In that old familiar neighbourhood around your house
And the cards will be strung above the fireplace
From the ones that you love and who love you

I can’t wait to see your face
When you see me standing there in the doorway
Warm my heart with your embrace
Wrap me in your arms in the cold light of day

The memories come right out of nowhere
And hover like my breath in the cold air
Some I don’t mind if they linger
Some I’d like to blow away forever


Will you know me as you did before
When you see me waiting at that door
In the cold light of day?
Will you accommodate a change in me
Even if it isn’t plain to see
In the cold light of day?
(In the cold light…)