1. City Girl

From the recording Light & Dark

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Chris Nordquist
Mandolin: John Ellis
Pedal Steel: John Ellis


She takes a slow train home, so fed-up and tired
In the corner of the carriage all alone
It’s been another long day, up and down the towers
Always far too many hours for the pay

City girl, before this rat race ruins us
Let’s turn these wheels into wings
City Girl, how about stepping off this bus
While the world still holds beautiful things?

Heavy eyes look on through a night of people sitting
In the light of tiny kitchen life goes on
As the train crawls by and it eats another evening
She starts thinking about leaving come July


You and me the world, oh my city girl

In the morning rain
Never-ending track
Will lead her in the wrong direction once again
And as she slips away
In among the workers' faces
She forgets about new places for the day