1. Light & Dark

From the recording Light & Dark

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Classical Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Chris Nordquist
Bass: John Ellis
Pedal Steel: John Ellis
Mandolin: John Ellis
Banjo: John Ellis


This is my saddest song
I had hoped to sing a sunny one
But they don’t come easily
When I can’t find any joy in me

Hidden behind this face
Light and dark always interlace
It’s out of my control
I wish I could let the good times roll (x2)

I don’t know what is wrong with me
Does it run in the family?
I would really like to paint the town
If the devil doesn’t take a smile, turn it upside down

Yeah this is another low
But I’ll be damned if it spoils the show
Put on a brave veneer
Remind myself it’s just friends in here

And so for the remedy
I give to you and you give back to me
It’s knowing I’m not alone
As I tear it down, make my way back home
Tear it down, make my way back home