1. I Won't Change

From the recording Light & Dark

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Chris Nordquist
Bass: John Ellis
Electric Guitar: John Ellis
Keyboards: John Ellis


Closing time is creeping near
Since you left I’ve been here rearranging
Yeah this time it went too far
With every order from the bar our futures changing

Guess I’m going back to be
The ordinary me that I’m used to
And I’ll stay another drink
Just sit here and think if I choose to

But I won’t change
No I won’t change
I’ll stay just the same
‘Cause I’m not gonna change for anyone again

Now I’m walking all alone
Early morning heading home I feel jumpy
Just the crazy things we said
Repeating in my head to keep me company

And I find it hard to sleep
When the demons that I keep start to hound me
In the dim light of the moon
It’s a cold, empty room that surrounds me