1. The Rock

From the recording Light & Dark

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Lead Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Chris Nordquist
Bass: John Ellis
Harmonica: Chris Ronald
Banjo: John Ellis
Keyboards: John Ellis
Background Vocals: Natalie Ramsay


A beautiful face in the middle of nowhere
Carved from a fiery stone
A mystical place with a fatal attraction
People can’t leave it alone

And it’s high you can climb it if you must
Add your tracks in the red desert dust
Steal a piece, leave your beer cans to rust
And be cursed by The Rock

It sits on the ground like a great glowing ember
Beckoning anyone near
And the tourists drop by with their campers and cameras
Affording a cost that’s so dear


Forgive the man who gave it a new name
He lived in a different time
But not the ones who make the last footprints
Before it’s closed to the climb