1. Bones

From the recording Light & Dark

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Drums: Chris Nordquist
Bass: John Ellis
Mandolin: John Ellis
Dobro: John Ellis
Keyboards: John Ellis


Bones resting underground
It’s been years since they lowered your body down
Stone, a headboard for your bed
And soil now the pillow for your head

Come, sit with me, comfort me as before
Back in this world I am drawn to you more and more

Bones, you slipped away too soon
Before you got to see all your flowers bloom
Sown in a garden no longer there
And resurrected by the memories that they share


When there is chaos, for the calm
And when it’s rough, for an even keel
For a captain holding steady at the wheel

I go, light of heart and clear of mind
My past and my future realigned

Bones, you showed me how to be
And still I carry the spirit of you with me