1. Old Lover

From the recording Light & Dark

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Vocals: Chris Ronald
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Ronald
Electric Guitar: John Ellis
Pedal Steel: John Ellis
Keyboards: John Ellis


Sweethearts never meet on sidewalks these days
As did me and you
Say you’ll see me on a weekend morning
Same old rendezvous, same old rendezvous

And don’t you worry about the clothes you’re wearing
As you leave your room
Just bring your laughter and your conversation
We’ll spend the afternoon, spend the afternoon

Old lover I’m not looking for second chance
Years older now I wouldn’t get a second glance
You are the one that got away
Old lover how about another good old day

We don’t have to trip the light fantastic
And never mind the bars
Arm in arm we’ll talk away the evening
Underneath the stars, underneath the stars

And there are no regrets and no hard feelings
No amends to make
Just two soulmates on a weekend morning
Just for old time’s sake, just for old time’s sake