NEWS: Glowing live review from Americana UK

I'm just back from a UK tour promoting the Light & Dark album. It felt so good reconnecting with my roots and doing what I love most: performing live on stage. The UK is blessed with hundreds of folk and acoustic clubs that can keep a touring artist busy pretty much every night of the week. This tour included a stop at the wonderful TwickFolk, which is located in Twickenham, London. I introduced myself to the club some years ago at one of their regular singaround nights, which then led to a warm-up spot a year or so later. This time, as the headliner, I was greeted by a room full of people including artist Alban Low (who made the line drawing) and Lyndon Bolton, who writes for Americana UK. Click here to read his in-depth review of the show. Americana UK is a fantastic online resource for lovers of the genre, and be sure to visit TwickFolk next time you're in London.